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Low Maintenance

Robust and durable components

Best Warranty

2 years on battery and motor,
5 years on frame,
12 months on other parts

Easy to Ride

Make your unique experience!


The reliability of EBikesNZ electric bikes including all its components is verified by millions of bike users around the world. The components that we use have been carefully chosen and are the most commonly used parts. The parts are durable and performance proven and well priced.

Your personal tour-guide

You can set your own pace and take in the sights at your leisure with the help of our unique on-board app to guide your way!

Brush less Rear Hub Motor

This is EBikesNZ's best-selling and most popular bicycle motor. There are no mechanical parts to worry about breaking or needing to replace. The direct-drive, brush less rear hub motor is perfect for everyday use, extremely reliable and affordable. There is no regular maintenance required for this motor, and it boasts an efficiency rating of over 82%. This is the best choice for the everyday commuter.

Lithium Battery

The construction of lithium batteries is far more complex and technical than for old lead acid batteries that we are more used to. Even though the technology is new and is developing its performance is so impressive that it is both trustworthy and efficient beyond anything previously seen. Up until now, we have only really seen lithium batteries in laptops and mobile phones. Any current user of lithium batteries should be able to vouch for their superiority. As a result of development and demand we can only expect the price of lithium batteries to drop rather than increase.

Have fun, be active. Ride a bike instead of driving, for example

Dan Buettner